Moving file halts because of same file being processed for previewing

I've searched the forum for similar cases, but without success...

I hope you are all doing well.

My SOTD problem. When moving files in their right place, clicking on them launches the preview process. A process that sometimes takes a few seconds in case of Word, Excel or Powerpoint. And this prevents the file to be moved to another folder.

I only can wait until the lock is over (choose Skip or Abort), and start over again. Or I have to think on beforehand to unable the preview pane, which is missing the point because for JPG's or PDF's I need to preview, and maybe for .DOCX or .XLSX I don't need to because of proper file naming.

I've managed to make a button that locks the previewpane on another file, but , without this being an all time solution. I also ticked in the plugin setting that only temporary copies should be previewed - I thought this would do the trick - but without any success either.

Is there a way to circumvent this?

Many Thx.

Note that the "Open Temporary Copies" option is per viewer, so you may need to turn it on for e.g. Word in addition to Excel.

If the files aren't huge (or the disk very slow), and copying the file with "Open Temporary Copies" still takes long enough that it blocks something else (outside of very occasionally if you get unlucky), then my guess is that antivirus is taking a long time to scan those documents when something opens them for reading/copying.

You could test that theory by disabling the antivirus scanner for the folder they are in.

That seems strange. Does clicking Retry not work?

Ok, let's check:
I've indeed enabled the "Open Temporary Copies" option per viewer.
It's a Samsung SSD.
I've now disabled the scans folder in my F-Secure Antivirus.
I can indeed wait and retry.

If I try with a PDF file and if I'm quick enough to move (because it loads quit fast) I get:


(the process has no access to the file, because the file is used by another process)

I figured out it might have something to do with these files residing in Onedrive, though files are all offline stored on my device and onedrive has no shown activity.
Or maybe because I'm showing the file size in a separate column in the lister?

I'll try to investigate on that and return later on this.

OneDrive could complicate things, if something is causing it to re-sync the files maybe.

Have you tested what happens in File Explorer, assuming the same viewers are working in that?

Let's see how Windows Explorer handles this...

I moved a small Excel file (48Kb) from a Onedrive synced folder to another folder using explorer.
Dragging it from one explorer window with preview on to another explorer window with preview on. To and from. This takes like 10 seconds, which is eternity for a small local stored file, but at least it works without any intervention from my side.

I think maybe my I5 cpu is pushed too much and not able to run all the needed processes at the same time.

It sounds like the same issue is affecting Explorer as well in that case, and the difference is just in how the two programs handle things.

(Pros and cons there. If the operation is going to succeed eventually then it can be nice if something keeps retrying for a while before showing an error message, but if it's never going to work then it will just make you wait longer before you can do anything or move to the next file.)

The real issue is that OneDrive (presumably) is locking files from being moved or deleted, it would seem.

I moved my workfolder away from Onedrive. The problem has not competely vanished but it comes to a point where lag is hardly noticable, and moving files along is perfectly workable.

But. To dig a bit further.

What is weird now is that for Excel, Powerpoint (the filetypes which gave the most lag) the problem is gone. But if I want to move PDF's fast between folders and the preview is not completely loaded yet, the move action still gets stuck as it was before. Even with temp copy box ticked. I tried Foxit Reader preview and Adobe, and it does not make a difference.

So it in the end Onedrive - even when it was not actively syncing - was causing serious lag, but the preview loader is one way or another also not playing nicely.

Case closed for now, thank you. But if I have new findings, then I will post them.

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