Moving file over OneDrive file crashes Opus (Easy Repro)

This one has been with me since I built my new system in Feb. Sorry it has taken so long to report it.

It is an easy repro under the circumstances described below:

  1. Open a folder that contains OneDrive files that are not downloaded. (If you want to download these, you just double click them and get a dialog saying that the file is downing etc.)
  2. Now let's say we have a file on the desktop (or any location that is not in eth OneDrive folder) that you have just downloaded. The file just downloaded could be a newer version of one of the files in the open folder. (Stage 1).
  3. Now drag the file from the Desktop to the open folder.
  4. If you are not extremely careful, Dopus will freeze when the file gets over the top of one of the non-downloaded files.
  5. Then you will see the dialog saying the file is downloading. If you cancel this Dopus freezes and must be restarted. (If this is a large file of course you are not going to sit and wait for 2Gb to be downloaded when you just want to replace the file).

The only way around this is to drag the file to the new folder being very careful not to drag over any of the existing files.

I hope this is clear. I can make a video showing this if it is not clear enough.

Thanks for a great product.

btw. I realise that this is Windows doing it's "I want to get in the way" thing. And I know many folks hate OneDrive. However, it is essential for my work for many reasons too long to explain here.

Cheers, P.

Thanks for that report, I've been able to reproduce this.

As a temporarily solution, you can turn off Preferences / File Displays / Mouse / Allow drag and drop into sub-folders. This blocks drops over files as well as sub-folders, unless a key like shift or control is held down.

Thank Jon and thanks for taking the time to check it out. I really should have written this up 6 months ago but just got used to dragging anything down to the empty part of the file list. Of course, it will be great if there is any chance of a permafix.

Thanks once again for the most vital product on my machine. :slight_smile: