Moving files / directories on NAS slow

Hi there, may I ask why it takes so much longer to move files / directories under Directory Opus compare to File Explorer? Seems to me Directory Opus to actually reading / writing all the files and directories instead of just updating the FAT, is it possible to speed it up (just update the FAT instead of read / write everything)? Please advise. Thanks

It's not taking any longer, in general. You should provide details I think of what you're trying to do + what environment do you have etc.

Hi Alex, sorry for not including details. PC is running on Windows 11 and the latest version of Directory Opus (Version 12.27 x64 Build 8115). Was organising files and directories on a Synology NAS (DS2413+ running DSM 7.0-41890). All the files and directories are on the same share on the NAS and I was just moving files and directories to get more organised. When I use File Explorer, it literally take less than a second cos I believe all it does was just update the file allocation table. However, if I do it via Directory Opus, it takes a very long time (we are talking about hours) as it literally write the files in the directory one by one so I just wonder why? The reason I am not using File Explorer exclusively cos I use Directory Opus to monitor the size of directories I am moving. Would appreciate if you can point out what I am doing wrong and how I can speed up the process, thanks.

Are we talking about moving files on a NAS from one share to a different share on the same NAS?

Hi Leo, it's actually in the same share. I just create a new directory and move some files and directories to the new directory but everything is in the same share.

Works here (moving within same shared folder) since many years with DS216+, 218+ and 718+ as it should.

That kind of move should be handled by a rename, which is usually very quick unless the NAS is doing something strange.

The options under Preferences / File Operations / Copy Attributes may be worth trying, if trying to copy certain metadata/attributes/permissions is slow or not properly supported by the NAS. Some of those are things which File Explorer does not try to do and thus would not slow it down if they were causing problems.

If you're using drag & drop or copy & paste, try using the Move button on the toolbar, to check if that helps. (It should be the same, but if it isn't then it indicates a direction to look in.) To use the Move button, open the source and destination folders in each side of a dual-display window, select the files you want to move on the source side, then click Move.

Got it, thanks Leo, will check the settings and try again later. Will come back and share the findings, thanks everyone.

I rebooted the NAS and the move button work perfectly, not sure why cut and paste worked differently but now working ok, very odd. All I did was reboot the NAS (no software / OS upgrade), anyway, am glad it's working cos I do need to monitor the size of the directories when I move the files / directories and File Explorer cannot do that. Thanks everyone's help, really appreciated.