Moving files out of named sub-folders


I have the following folder structure:

Root | |- Folder 1 | |- Uploaded |- Folder 2 | |- Uploaded |- Folder 3 | |- Uploaded |- Folder 4 |- Folder 5 |- Folder 6 | |- Uploaded
I want to move any files in the "Uploaded" subolders into the parent folder.

Any ideas?




You might be able to do this as a single-step operation by using some kind of copy filter, or maybe by abusing the rename script feature, but I think using a two-step method would be a lot easier:
[ol][li]Find all the files that need to be moved.
[li]Move them to their parents.[/li][/ol]You could set up buttons/hotkeys (or left/right click actions of a single three-button) to automate both steps so that, if this is something you need to do frequently, you can just click twice to get it done.

[ol][li]Doing the find should be easy. Set up this Find filter:

Location, Match, Use Wildcards, *\Uploaded
Use that in a find operation, sending the results to a collection. (You can make a button which always Finds from the current folder, using that filter, in order to automate things.)

That filter will match all the files and folders directly below an Uploaded directory. I'm assuming if you have a folder below an Uploaded folder then you just want to move the folder + contents up a level. (i.e. You don't want to flatten everything within it.)

(If there's the possibility that an Uploaded folder might itself contain an Uploaded folder then the filter can be adjusted for that but I'm assuming that isn't an issue so I'll keep it simple.)
[li]Doing the move should also be easy. Select everything that was found and then click a button (or whatever) which runs this command:

Copy MOVE {filepath$} TO {filepath$|..\..}

Absolute stonking result :slight_smile:

Spot on.

Cheers Leo.