Moving files to specific folder with popup for subfolder name

Hi, I created a button to copy any selected files/folders to the desktop, and then create a shortcut to the source of those files on the desktop too:

Copy TO "C:\Users\farig\Desktop"
@runonce Copy FILE {sourcepath} MAKESHORTCUT TO "C:\Users\farig\Desktop" 

This is working fine, but to be more organized, I'd like to have a popup to choose a folder name so that the files and shortcut are going in "C:\Users\farig\Desktop\NameFromThePopup"

Is that possible? I tried so many options, but they all failed, mainly saying that I could not put files or folders inside themselves.

Kind Regards.

Ok, I spent hours trying to figure out how to do this on my own and got plenty of different errors, then as soon as I posted, I found the solution. I'll post it in case it is of any help to somebody else.

@set Folder=C:\Users\farig\Desktop\{dlgstringS|Folder name to move to:|{file|noext}}
@runonce Copy HERE FILE {sourcepath} MAKESHORTCUT TO CREATEFOLDER="{$Folder}"