Moving folders from Onedrivew to local drive

I cannot do this.
I can copy folders from onedrive to local drive (then delete the onedrive source folder)
I can move individual folders.
I can move folders from onedrive to local drive using windows explorer.
Why might this be the case?
I have looked at the Win10 settings for cloud drives cant see anything really.

Do you get an error message?

Of course my bad
Opus seems to know it is a cloud location..


At a guess I'd say the file it's complaining about is only stored in the cloud, not on your local drive, and OneDrive won't let it be moved unless it's been downloaded first.

That is fair enough.
I am not saying it is an Opus issue necessarily maybe Windows just treats its own file manager Windows Explorer differently to Opus?

Just thought I would put it out there in case anyone else has the same thing....
Thanks anyway. I cannot believe I used to work with Windows Explorer. What a dog..