MP3-Info Extension

I'm using this fine program, MP3-Info Extension ( It works very vell in Dopus also, but i have a problem when Dopus displays a networkdrive/folder.

MP3-Info Extension is a util that shows (with an icon) the bitrate of a mp3 file. it shows fine when i browse local folders with Dopus, but when i browse networked folders, the mp3 util shows nothing. (in explorer it works fine).




Actually what you're seeing doesn't seem to be any sort of incompatibility with your MP3-Info Extension app... Rather, it seems to be some generic behavior of Dopus. Even without that app, I don't see any tooltip info for an MP3 file located on a Network share. I'm not sure what config item (if any) to change to alter this, but I'm guessing it's among the things that are not done by default for network based files/folders for performance reasons? Maybe someone else knows what could be changed... I checked out folder format options as well as looked around for some file type settings (where 'tool/info tip' items are normally exposed) but couldn't find anything that seemed to fit the bill...

The icons are likely due to Preferences, Folders, Options, Display generic icons for network and removable drives.

The infotips are likely due to Preferences, Listers, File Display, Enale file InfoTips ... for fixed local drives only (or similar).

Thanks for the fast replies. I've done a bad thing last night, I read the manual :smiley: - and on page 47 it says, what you guys just told me. Thanks for taking your time to answer me, anyway.

Again, thanks for the fast replies, its good to know Dopus is well supported.


Very old topic but with the pervasiveness of network shares, what's the rationale for defaulting to local drives only for new installs (and new users)? Infotips are an easily discoverable feature but I had to come here to figure out how to turn them on for network shares (was looking for tooltips instead of infotips).

Third party shell extensions and video splitters/codecs can be involved in infotip generation, and some of them do bad things with network drives, e.g. pull in the whole file over the network just to generate the infotip. That's the main reason it's off by default (and so that anyone who turns it on and runs into problems then knows where to turn it off).

Ah, okay, thanks for explanation!