MP3 Metadata - Copy "Artist" to "Album Artist"

I've seen some threads here related to this, but they seem to be using more complex code (JavaScript?).

Is there a basic way to achieve something like this:

SetAttr META albumartist:artist

Of course the above gives me "artist" as the album artist. How do I get the content of the artist field into the album artist field?

Sorry if this is really obvious, but I spent almost an hour trying different things and I got nothin'.


Only some of the date/time fields support copying between fields via simple commands. To copy Artist to AlbumArtist would probably need a script.

It shouldn't need to be a complex script and you shouldn't need to change or understand the details in it, if you've found one on the forum (unless it's one that does lots of other things, which would make it more complex).

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This should do what you want:

Also useful:

How to use buttons and scripts from this forum

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