MP3 play button changes

I've added one of the button examples found here to play mp3's. The example expects the lister to be in the mp3 directory so I added a go command giving the followinggo "e:\storage\audio\mp3\" @filesonly @useactivelister Select *.(mp3) ContextMenu Open

This works fine but there are two things I would like to change.

First, can I set the location of the files without using a go command? That changes the lister to display that directory and isn't necessary.

Second, is there a way to enable the systems sound? If I have it muted and I press this button, it's another step to un-mute it.

You can probably write something which will play all MP3 files in a hardcoded folder without going to the folder.

The exact method will depend on which program you are using to play the files. Which one is it?

Unmuting the audio could be done by running a small utility like nircmd which can do that (nircmd.exe mutesysvolume 0).

Thanks Leo. I tried the NirCmd utility and it took care of that problem. For the player, I'm using WinAmp.

From what I've read, you can just run WinAmp.exe with a folder name to play all the files within that folder.

WinAmp.exe "e:\storage\audio\mp3"

Thanks for the suggestion but it doesn't work for some reason. It will open the player but not load in the files. It was worth a try though. The button I have works far better than the previous method of manually selecting the files and opening them so I'm satisfied with it as it is.