MP3 plugin - save a field for multi-selected files

Using the MP3 plugin, I'd like to be able to save some field for a group of selected files. There are some fields that are going to be the same for a group of files, so it would be nice if the plugin would just apply whatever the change is to all selected files, instead of just one.

Unfortunately the mp3 tag editor is a viewer plugin, and the viewer (by its nature) only works on one file at a time.

However it does let you copy tags from one file to another by drag and drop; using the plugin prefs you can determine which tags are copied.

Hmmm... was going to start a new topic asking the same thing but found this one. Are there any likely alternatives to be able to achieve what we'd like to do here?

Jon, would it be possible for something in the SetAttr or Properties functions to be able to be extended to let us invoke the ability to alter tag data with a context or menu button? Something we could use maybe with the dlgstring function to seperate out dialog prompts for certain tag data?

Man, with all that Dopus offers it must be frustrating to see people constantly asking for more :slight_smile:...

Man, with all that Dopus offers it must be frustrating to see people constantly asking for more... but :slight_smile::

Are there any plans for a future Dopus release to incorporate robust music file management? On the one hand, Nudel offered some great recomendations for third party tag managers in his post here, and to be quite honest, my media player (J River Media Center) offers pretty cool tag mgmt. as well, but I've found myself wanting to do every file management task just within Dopus rather than having to first 'import' stuff into my media player and navigate my way through my existing huge collection.

If there are no plans for future mp3/music file mgmt. built into Dopus, can anyone say how big a job it might be for some of these other worthy third party tools to provide some sort of plug-in for Dopus? I've mailed the guy that writes the Godfather asking his thoughts on providing such a thing... any interest in this out there?