MP3 Tag Editing plugin (Obsolete: Use the Metadata panel now)

Attached is a pre-release of a new version of the MP3 plugin, if anyone wants to try it out. It should fix the problems described in this thread, and also now supports Unicode filenames and tags correctly.

All feedback and comments welcome.

[Edit: Fixed a minor problem with Genres, file version of new plugin is now - if you got please re-download]

[Edit: Removed attachment as newer versions come with Opus now.]

Hi Jon,

i find a bug with the "Edit tags" option in context menu.
with english pack, "Edit Tags with Directory Opus" appear in mp3 type file config with action "not definied". but item are not display in context menu.
with french pack, "Editer les Tags avec Directory Opus" appear but sometimes not correctly (with square character or or simply, string are cut) with action "non defini" but item are not display in context menu.

i'm using DO in usb device.

it's possible to add some features:

  • can write only id3v1
  • can copy id3v1 to id3v2 and id3v2 to id3v1
  • add button to delete all tags (only v1 or only v2 or v1/v2)

Are there still things which only work with id3v1 and are confused by files with both id3v1 and id3v2 (which the plugin can create)?

this is probably hardly the place to put this question, but are there any plans to upgrade the built in opus 'play' window .wav player? i use it for playing .mp3s sometimes, but extremely rarely does it show any id tag information as does the new plugin and on vary rare occasions, it puts the whole of opus at max cpu usage, often requiring i restart opus.

it's no bother, but i was just curious and sorry for the hijack...

If the Opus sound player is using a lot of CPU then it could be a codec issue as I think Opus just asks Windows to play the file. Does the same thing happen in Windows Media Player with the same files?

both windows media player (ugh) and kmplayer (swoon) play the .mp3 file without issue, but if i use the .wav player opus box, the box itself, in vista x64, invokes the busy cursor and task manager says opus is taking 33~40% cpu. listers can be used just the same though.

hi, is it ok if here i ask for a seekbar in the mp3 viewer pane?


You can ask here, but if might be forgotten about. If you ask here instead it'll go into the requests database.

I updated the mp3 plug-in to as I thought that as well as fixing the tag viewer issue it may have fixed a play issue I just noticed today, but, it hasn't. The issue:

I have one mp3 collection that can be played in all my players, but, DOpus will not play a single track. I did not convert the files to mp3 myself so thought it may be a Header issue so used Foobar2000 to rebuild the Headers which normally works, but, it did not resolve the play issue. I had successfully burned all these mp3 files to CD in CDA format to play on anything so just experimented by ripping that CD to mp3 again at 256 kbps 44 kHz which was the same bit rate as the original mp3 files and found they would not play in DOpus either. I then ripped the CD again to mp3 at 224 kbps and they would play in DOpus. Trying again at 320 kbps playing in DOpus fails again. These are all non VBR files. All mp3 VBR files seem to play in DOpus including one I found at 257 kbps VBR and ones at higher bit rates.

I'm not sure where the issue begins, but, it seems all non VBR mp3 files of 256 kbps and over will not play in DOpus.

Anyone else seeing this?

Does Windows Media Player play the files?

Yes, all the tracks play in Windows Media Player and also in Foobar2000 and Real Player.

Since you have three programs that can play them, may I suggest you use them? Opus is a file manager, not a music player :slight_smile:

Also, updating DOpus to which includes mp3 plugin doesn't solve the issue either.

Well yes, I know that and do so, but, it is often convenient to play an mp3 track in DOpus to check out if it's the correct one for managing without having to fire up a player so I thought I'd report the issue which is an odd one. :unamused:

I'm new with Opus. I'm trying out Opus 9.5
Is it possible to play MP3s with Opus?

Yes, see the FAQ, HOW TO: Enable/fix playback of various media formats in Opus, near the bottom under How to make MP3, WMA and WAV play in the viewer pane.

Got it, many thanks :smiley:

I have DO 11 and it used to play .mp3 files in the viewer, but that no longer works. I cannot remember if I installed a plug or not, but the only plugin that I see for audio is one called Audio Tags. It lists about 10 extensions that it supports and none of them is .mp3.

Is there another plugin I should be using.


This thread still applies: Audio and mpg won't play in Viewer

Thanks. I did everything I can think of to fix the mp3 playing. The default app for mp3 is Windows Media player. And I just installed this codek pack

and rebooted, but DO still doesn't play them in the viewer pane. If I dbl click an mp3 it plays in Windows Media Player. So I don't know what else to look at..

When I right-click on the Windows Media Player that is in the Viewer Pane and select Error Details from the menu, it says:

Windows Media Player cannot find the file. ...

Hey, I just copied the mp3 to the root of the drive, RENAMED IT and selected it, and IT WORKED!

The file name was: '66_23 Troggs - Wild Thing.mp3'. I renamed it to Thing.mp3, and that worked! I renamed it back and it no longer worked. So I renamed the one in the original folder(F:\Music\1966 - 71 Music) to Thing.mp3 and that did not fix it.

So, it seems like it doesn't like the longer filename or folder name. Or it doesn't like special characters?
Is this a 32bit vs 64bit thing? That codek that In installed said it had the splitter things. And said it fixed 95% of all problems.