Mp4 files in metadata panel

I tested with mp4 and mp3 files which have every metadata field filled in by Mp3tag (including Title, Artist, Album, Album Artist, Composer, Conductor, Genre, Year, and Comment)...

Those fields work equally well for mp4 and mp3 files in DO, for columns and for infotips and for the labels in Tiles view. They appear in the metadata panel for mp3 files, but for mp4 files only the Comment field is shown.

Is there a setting I got wrong?
Or is it maybe a bug or incomplete coding?
It seems to me, if DO can read those ID3v2 tags in mp4 files to show them in columns etc, it should also be able to show them in the metadata panel. Windows Explorer can show the same editable fields in its Details pane equally well for mp3 and mp4 files.

Most of my mp4 video files are not movies or TV shows, they are classical music and opera, so I give them the same types of metadata as my audio files, such as Composer, Conductor, etc.
It would be very convenient to be able to edit fields such as Title, directly in DO, like I can for mp3 files.

If they are audio files, try using the .m4a extension instead of .mp4 and the metadata panel should show audio tags for them.

What an amazing answer! As I explained several times, the mp4 files whose properties are not shown in the Metadata panel are VIDEO files.

Of course I will not rename all my mp4 files to .m4a, just to be compatible with one faulty program. That would create problems in other programs such as media players and editors.

Quoting from wikipedia
"M4A stands for MPEG 4 Audio and is a filename extension used to represent audio files."

I tested your advice and renamed one .mp4 file as .m4a
It creates problems in DO itself, because it stopped showing the video data in columns such as Dimensions, which it showed properly when I renamed it back to mp4.

So your strange workaround, recommended to make one part of DO work, breaks another part of DO.

I'll try again...

ID3v2 metadata in mp4 video files has all the fields normally found in mp3 audio files, plus a few extra fields related only to videos, such as screen Dimensions.

Opus is able to show them correctly, for both mp4 and mp3, in its columns and in the labels for tiles view.

It's only in the metadata pane that DO fails to show them for mp4 files.

Sorry, my brain missed the word "video" in your post when I read it the first time, which sent me down the wrong path.

I'm not sure there is a workaround a the moment. The metadata panel's tag editing is geared towards audio tags / audio files more than video files at the moment. It's something we may expand in future releases.

I apologise for sounding so frustrated :slight_smile:

It would be geat if you can fix that omission.

It should not be much more trouble than making ti work for mp3 files, because mp3 and mp4 both use the same ID3v2 format, with the same routines to read and write them. The only difference is that mp4 video files contain one or two extra fields (which DO can already read to show in columns).

Windows Explorer can do it for both types, and so can some relatively inexpensive shareware file managers. In xplorer2 for example, the details pane is customisable. It can be made to show (and edit) any of the ID3v2 metadata fields the user chooses, from the full list made available by the operating system, and it works for both mp3 audio and mp4 video files.

Is this in sight for the next major release?

Yes, it's in Opus 12. You can try the public beta now to test it out and give us feedback, if you want. Link is in my signature.

"MP4 and basic MKV metadata under Windows 7 and up."

'Is it possible'/'are there plans' to add cover art insertion support for mp4?

+1 for this. Removing or adding cover art image would be very nice.

Is one of these features (AlanMartins wish, andersonnnunes Coverart thing) already implementd in the actual release?

If Yes, how to activate that?

M4A displays the correct Music Properties in the metadata panel here, and MP4 the correct Video Properties.

MP3 files show an option in the same panel to add Cover Art, but M4A files, or FLAC files for that matter do not.

Guess you'll need a third party program for that.

thanks for your answer, I didn't talk about metadata panel.I meant the column "album" in the detailed listing view. My mistake...sorry

The album column doesn't display cover art (it displays the name of the album), so I'm not sure what you're asking for exactly.

It might make sense to start a new thread and state the question independently, rather than add it on the end of a 6 year old thread which is already about several different things.

You're right, sorry...