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Mp4 preview: Cannot rename or delete files after preview has opened them

I love DOpus but something I regularly have a problem with is that it keeps movie files locked forever after you've clicked on them once, meaning you can't rename or delete them without killing the DOpus process. It doesn't matter whether you have auto-play off or not, or whether you go to a different file/folder, having clicked on a video once locks it for good it seems.

I always have the preview panel enabled (I'm a game developer, I look at a lot of textures / models / screenshots / video captures) and so having to remember to turn off the preview panel before clicking on a movie is a pain.

I've seen some other threads on this advising turning off the preview pane but that's not really a solution. Not releasing a file lock when you're no longer previewing seems like a bug to me?


Oh FYI this is with Dopus 12.11 (Build 6927)

It won't be Opus itself doing that. Some video codecs/splitters have bugs where they either fail to close the file or they throw an exception and cause the code that would have closed it to be skipped. It shouldn't/doesn't happen normally when everything is working correctly.

You could try replacing the codec/splitter involved in the format it happens with, or try switching to a different video player. If you disable the Movie plugin, you can access a couple of alternative players via the ActiveX plugin. (But note that that will also disable some movie metadata columns in Opus. You can import alternative columns from Explorer if that is a problem. Let me know if you need those details.)

OK disabling the Movie plugin seems to have worked, thanks.

How would I tell which codec/splitter it's using?

I'm having the same problem here. I've not had the mp4 opened in an other program. I previewed four of those four three are locked and cannot be removed or moved.
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