MP4 property tags in columns and clear fields

When right-mouse selecting an MP4 file, I'd like to view in columns the Property tags: Title and comments, with the option to select and clear the fields.

So you want them in the right-click context menu?

They should be in the metadata panel at the moment, if we support editing them. They can also be displayed via file display columns as well as in infotips and tiles.

Hi Leo. Thanks for the quick response. I want to access the information, using the View by Details menu, with a column that can access this information. The Title and Comments fields are accessible from Windows Explorer natively; the only difference is being unable to clear these fields en mass. Be great if Directory Opus could assist with the latter aspect.

The Title (Document > Title) column shows titles for MP4 files.

Any of the Comments (Document > Comment), User Description (General > User Description) and Description (General > Description) will show comments for MP4 files.

Both can be edited via Opus's Metadata panel/dialog (or SetAttr META command, if you want to automate things), as well as via the Properties dialog (which is part of Windows but can be accessed from Opus).