MTP & Set FOCUS=Dest command

I've never had a problem with Directory Opus, but I do need further explanations for Mobile Devices (MTP). What exactly do you mean by mobile device? Like the iPhone from Apple? This feature I would really like to see! You mentioned in the last beta (, where you said:

Improved performance when browsing into an MTP device folder for the first time.
Synchronize now works correctly with MTP devices.
The FAYT Find mode now works correctly with MTP devices.
Copying a zero-byte file to an MTP device will now work (if the device itself allows it).
The Folder Formats list in Preferences no longer shows MTP formats if MTP support is disabled.

Secondly, how do I use the Set FOCUS-=Dest command? For example with the last beta release, you gave the following examples:

Set SORTBY=date
Set FOCUS=dest
Set SORTBY=date

How do I use these and where would I put them in Directory Opus?

I would really appreciate it very much on how to use these features of Directory Opus.
Thank You.

MTP is used by newer Android devices and various other types of device, but not Apple devices. (Apple work to actively prevent 3rd party software from talking to their devices.)

For the commands, see How to add example buttons to your toolbars and menus.

iPhones/iPads support MTP for copying photos from the device, but not to the device and not any other file types or browsing the whole filesystem.