MTP Sync Compare Not Working


Here is my setup:
XP Pro 32 Bit
Samsung Galaxy Note II (MTP Device)

I am trying to sync my pics on the phone to a folder on my local hard drive. I am able to Sync (left to right - one way) and that seems to work fine. After I have synced and then immediately after when I try to compare I get the following:

Copy from source to destination 919 files 0 folders

Below I can choose Synchronize or Close. If I choose Synchronize it copies over all of the files again.

Am I doing something wrong here? All I want to do is be able to do a one way left to right sync between my Cell phone Camera and a local hard drive. And then periodically compare and sync only new files not copying over every file again as this very time consuming.


Does the MTP device report the same dates and times for the files as on the local copies?

Yes the date and time stamp on the MTP device are the same as the local copy. The file sizes are the same as well.

Here is crude video of what is happening.

I think you can make out the date and time on both MTP and local but if not they are the same. When I press compare you can see that it instantly wants to copy all 900+ files again.

If it was comparing I don't think it could do it this fast on 900+ files.

I can reproduce this, thanks for the report.

Your welcome. Since this is my first bug report with Directory Opus what should I expect time wise for a fix?

Also, is there a way to save a Sync Job?


This will be fixed in the next beta, later this week.