Mulitple tabs with same child folder look the same

If you happen to have multiple tabs for folders which all have the same child folder (ie: they all end in the same name)... then all the tabs have the same name. It then becomes hard to tell which tab is which folder (when you have 2+ similar tabs up and >2 total tabs showing).
eg: If I am looking at a folder "c:\dev\vc++" in one tab, and "\nas\backup\dev\vc++" in another, both tabs simply show "vc++"
Although you can tell which is which by hovering the mouse over the tab, this is a bit slow if you're in a hurry.
Is there any way to make it so the tab title contains more info, eg: "\nas..\vc++" or "..ckup\dev\vc++".
If I could make DOpus display the (eg) 10 characters before the current tab path, then the folder name, or the first 6 characters, then the folder name, I could then see at a glance which tab related to which actual location.
Any ideas?

There are no settings in the current version to help with this. I suggest writing this up as an enhancement request at the offical support site. I will be submitting one as well (when I have time).