Multi file Rename


I usually use the Rename Tool, Total Commander brings along. Since I'm using DOpus I've tried to work with the integrated Version and I have to say, that this is hardly usefull considering that not every user is a computer crack or programmer. Working with regular expressions is no problem for me, but If you take a look e.G. at the Total Commander Version of a Multi Rename Tool, you might also find, that this solution is much more easy and better to learn.
I for myself am able to create a complex renaming task using Total Commander and I like this option much more then writing a small script for DOpus. 3 clicks in Total Commander and it is finished.

But of course for really really complex renaming operations the DOpus Tool is much better, but for normal usage, in my opinion, it could be made much more simple and more user friendly.


Is this a question? A suggestion? As someone who has only used Total Commander very briefly, some more detail would be useful to understand what you're asking for.

(Remember to send feature requests to GPSoftware, too. The forum's just for discussing stuff with other people and seeing what they think. If you write to GPSoft to suggest something, give them some specific suggestions as they probably won't know what you mean if you just say "Make it more like TC.")

OK, I've just added a screenshot of the Total Comander Dialog. As you might see, it is very simple and self explaining (most of it at least).

So far it is a suggestion to make some modifications to the DOpus Tool.

What does it make simple that's complex in Opus? I can't read German so I can only guess what the buttons etc. do but it looks like the same sort of thing that Opus's rename dialog provides (among other things), except that in Opus they're in a menu instead of buttons.

(If you turn on the Enable file information fields checkbox in the Opus rename dialog, a button appears on the right of the New Name field which has a menu of things you can select to insert the file name, date, extension, etc.)

DOpus can be as simple or as complex as you like. Just add a new toolbar and add your own buttons with the rename options you like.
For example (it's an old post), have a look here [Rename Toolbar v3 (english and french))