Multi select across tabs


Just rediscovered Dopus after using it for years on Amiga. Coming off 20 years of Linux and ... struggling with Windows :slight_smile: Dopus helps a lot!

Question is: Is there a way (preference?) to select files from different directory tabs? (panes? re-learning the terminology).

Basically I want to be able to do "diff" commands, for example, VIM offers this natively, or run my own scripts on two files selected. Works fine if they're in the same folder, but I can't figure out how to select two files that are in different folders (panes) :frowning:

I have searched the FAQ and this forum but come up empty. Any help appreciated!



Various ways of doing it, some better (but more complex) than others:

Copy them to a file collection.

Hi guys, thanks for the replies! I think I didn't explain myself very well. I already have the compare tool available, I just can't figure out how to select two files to compare... I'm obviously missing something obvious with the UI.

How do I select both those files? Once I have 2 files selected, VIM has a right mouse menu that will do the Diff for me. However the obvious (Shift-select, Ctrl-select) won't select both the files if they're in different panes. I did look in the prefs but didn't see anything obvious.

@lxp thanks for the suggestion, but what I'm looking for is "on the fly" comparisons, copying to a collection would be overkill for what I need, way too many steps for a simple process.


In the same folder, I can select both but what I'm looking for is files in different folders, selected, to get that RMB menu.


Peter B

Click on one, then click on the other.

The posts I linked to show methods for running commands on files selected on both sides.

OK I see thanks. So it's not possible to multi-select across panes and use "native" Windows RMB as though both files were selected, but the plugin(s) work around it. The Compare button does what I need, thanks for showing me that.


Peter B

Anything a button can do can be added to a context menu as well, FWIW.

Good to know, thanks! btw I'm not being critical at all, just understanding the edges of the Dopus universe :slight_smile:

In this case I already have a context menu for diff'ing using VIM, but it doesn't work in Dopus. Which is cool, no worries, the button does the job nicely. Just trying to understand what I should expect to work :slight_smile:


Peter B

The menu should work in Opus if it works in Explorer, FWIW. Presumably it requires right-clicking one file, selecting a menu item, then right-clicking the other and selecting a second menu item? I've always found that a faff compared to selecting the files on each side and then clicking one button.