Multiple 0xc0000005 error windows on Dopus start

The Error This error appeared after I upgraded the hard disk on my thinkpad t42. I cloned to an image using CloneZilla, installed the new hard disk, then restored the image using CloneZilla again. The machine started perfectly, but then it started Dopus, causing a sudden cascade of windows, three or so per second, all saying error 0xc0000005 in thread 0x844 at 0x730088bb, except the thread number varies in each window. There are something like 30 to 80 windows when it stops, and I have to abort each one separately. The number of windows varies each time it happens. It happens every time I start Dopus.
Efforts to fix I tried uninstalling Dopus and re-installing. But the moment it began to uninstall, the errors came up again. I aborted all of them except for the first one, on which I hit 'ignore'. The uninstall then appeared to go through. I re-installed. (Dopus 8 on WinXP SP2). The error appeared unaltered when I tried to start Dopus.
Current status Baffled and in need of help from a helpful genius.

Try using Process Explorer when the crash happens, but before dopus.exe has been killed. In Process Explorer, select dopus.exe and push Ctrl-D to show the list of DLLs loaded in the process. Click on the Base column to sort by address and see which DLL has the base which is largest while still being below the crash address. -- That doesn't always indicate the guilty component but it often does.

I discovered a solution accidentally. To cut a long story short, I used partition magic to shrink the single large partition I had on the disk so I could add linux at the end to play with. (No danger of data loss as this was on a new, big, disk. Then I noticed that one other small program that didn't work now did. I re-installed Dopus and it worked fine. Any idea what the problem was?

No idea, sorry. Seems like the imaging/resizing of the partition didn't entirely work, though. If it was me I'd reinstall the OS in case any other problems are lurking.