Multiple clashing alt key shortcuts

I have a system of shortcuts set up for folders that is very structured and I use alt key combos to navigate through the structure. For example:

A for Folder A
  A for Folder AA
  B for Folder AB
B for Folder B

So if I wanted "Folder AB", I can press Alt+w, A, B (I have Alt+w set up to open favourites).

My issue is that I have some folders with far more than 24 entries with names that deliberately share the same shortcut.

I seem to remember that the behaviour used to be that if I press an ALT key combo that has multiple matches, it would keep the menu open and highlight the first match, allowing me to cycle through the other matches on continuous presses of the same button. Now, it seems to open the first match straight away.

Is this something I can control?

Can you remember when that was? If you know when it changed I can see if we changed something on our side which would have affected that around that time period.

Not really. I was on v10 for a long time before I bought a new license for some version of 11.