Multiple copies of Opus

Is it possible to disallow having multiple copies of Opus running at the same time?

There is only ever one copy of Opus running.

Do you mean multiple listers? I believe the answer is no - you can't prevent multiple concurrent listers just as you can't stop Windows Explorer from opening multiple windows.

Regards, AB

See: Always re-use a single window instead of opening new windows

Hello Leo,

I have the same problem. I have disabled the optinos as you advised, but I get still multiple lister instances.

For example when I download something with Firefox and like to open the target download directoy by clicking right mous on the Firefox Downloadbar, a new instance of Dopus will popup.

Maybe there is somewhere else a switch to run Dopus only one time?

Thanks for any hint.

Chears gieri

Turning on the Open external folders in a new tab option mentioned in the FAQ should fix that. Seems to work with Firefox to me, at least.

Hello Leo,

thank you, now dopus starts only once. Regrettably dopus open now Register Tabs instead, is there a possibility to suppress this behavior too?



(Assuming that Register Tabs = Folder Tabs)

No, double-clicking a folder from outside of Opus can either cause a new window or a new folder tab to open. There's no way to make it completely replace the existing folder. (If you don't want to see the current folder anymore, just close the window. :slight_smile:)