Multiple Favorite Sets

I think my attached screenshot explains my concern better, but I basically think the favorites feature calls for an expansion into multiple favorite sets, to allow for compartmentalized sets in different toolbars. I don't like menu diving, and neither do I like those microscopic chevrons when icons overflow in the toolbar.

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You can organize favorites into branches (folders), and then display specific branches in different places on your toolbars.

Or just drag the folders you want to each toolbar (while in Customize mode), without using favorites at all, if that's easier.

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How do I do that? Is there a command for showing only a specific Favorite branch? That would've been pretty neat otherwise, eg. Favorites BRANCH="Captures" SHOWICONS NEWTAB=findexisting,tofront NOOPENINTABS USEQUALKEYS MULTIFUNC=tabs:

Been doing that but it becomes super tedious since I love the feature to be able to open things in either panes with LMouse and RMouse. Having to make essentially three buttons for each favorite bookmark is not ideal. Wish there was a USELEFTRIGHTMOUSE argument for this:

Yes, see the docs on the Favorites command for details.

Great, will do. I think I edited my last comment while you replied. I added a wish for a new button argument that would solve a lot of redundancy (see screenshot). Is this a good idea, you'd say? If so, should I make a new post for it?

I think the Go command already has that, but not sure off the top of my head.

I've been stupid all along. It IS possible to compartmentalize parts from your Favorites into multiple toolbars, if you so desire. (Not by the BRANCH, but by the SHOWICONS FILTER argument of the Favorites command.)

Let's say you have one toolbar containing 'creative' favorites and one for 'techy' stuff, adding these buttons in each toolbar would seal the deal (of course requiring these branches to be in your favorites):

Toolbar 1:
Favorites SHOWICONS FILTER (D:\Dropbox\3D\*|D:\Dropbox\Graphics\*)

Toolbar 2:
Favorites SHOWICONS FILTER D:\Dropbox\Dev\*