Multiple instances of image viewer

Hi, is it possible to open multiple instances of image viewer ?

I've read about the Recycle viewer windows option but can't find it.


Under preferences>viewer>behavior, there is a "reuse existing viewer window"

Try turning that off

Never mind, I just found out it's possible already, please delete.

Is there a way to add a hotkey toggle that enables this?
Could one kindly suggest the code?
Thanks in advance

The Show command's USEEXISTING argument lets you override the Preferences setting when displaying an image.

So you could make it so shift + double-click opens a new viewer and double-click on its own doesn't. Or you could have a toolbar button or hotkeys which do the same when opening a file.

If you wanted a hotkey to toggle it on and off between opening files, that's possible using a variable, although slightly more complicated.

Depends on how you want it to work exactly what the best approach is.

thanks! so how would the Shift+doubleclick work (what would the code be?)

Go to Settings > File Types > Recognized Images > Events.

There are separate events for Left Double-click and Left Double-click + Shift.

Set one to Show and the other to Show USEEXISTING or Show NOUSEEXISTING.

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Perfect! Thanks