Multiple simultaneous searches in the same lister?

This is really two questions I suppose. The first is about the stock CTRL+F ...

Set UTILITY=Find,Toggle

and how this command unfortunately stops a search when CTRL+F is hit twice (toggled) to close the tab. One idea I had was to try something like:

Set UTILITY=Find,Toggle,Expand

However, this doesn't seem to work sadly (possibly a bug?). So...

1) Is there any way to prevent a second CTRL+F from stopping an ongoing search so it toggles the tab open, but on the second CTRL+F chord merely shrinks/minimizes the panel?

The reason I want this behavior is because I would like to come up with a way to open a secondary utility panel to do a simultaneous second search in another folder tab while the first search is already ongoing without having to open another lister. In other words,

2) Is there a way to go to a different tab in the same lister, using the scripting system to detect if an ongoing search is in progress, and to then open a second find utility panel?

I tend to have lots of file collections open as targets. Having to open them in the separate listers and then dragging them over to the original lister seems antithetical to the design decision to keep everything in one place.

Any help is appreciated!

You can only have one Utility Panel, and hence one interactive Find, per window.

(Multiple non-interactive Finds are a different thing, at least off the top of my head. I think those should be possible.)

But if you open another window, you can do a second interactive Find in parallel there.

You could make your Ctrl+F hotkey open the utility panel if it isn't already open (or isn't already showing the Find page), and then make a second press open a new window with the Find panel already open in that.

If you want to do that and need help setting it up, let us know.