Multiview doesn't stay configured

I'm using multiview with the Stellant DLLs. This used to work great. Recently, mutlview doesn't work when I launch DO. But, if I go to the plugin manager and access the multiview config dialogue and click "OK", it works. I never need to change anything, just click the "OK" button; the viewer library is always pointing to the correct folder.

I've searched the forums, but only seen this problem mentioned once as part of another thread and there was no resolution mentioned.

Oh. I also checked out the multiview.ocx file (saw this mentioned in another thread) and it has the correct path and xml structure.

Any advice, please?

I've created a debug version of the MultiView plugin which should help get to the bottom of this.

[ul][li]Please download the zip file attached to the end of this message.
[li]Extract the multiview.dll file from the zip to a temporary location.
[li]Exit Directory Opus.
[li]Using another program (e.g. Explorer), copy the new multiview.dll over your existing one.

The existing one is found here (if you installed to the default path):

C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Viewers

If you want to create a backup of your existing multiview.dll first you can do so, just make sure the backup is stored somewhere else and not in the Opus/Viewers folders (else Opus may still load the old version).
[li]Download Microsoft's DebugView tool and run it.

DebugView is a simple tool which will collect some messages which the debug viewer outputs. See the screenshot below.
[li]Restart Opus.[/li][/ul]

Now try to view a file that MultiView should handle and some messages should appear in DebugView.

If viewing the file fails, open the MultiView config window (some more messages should appear in DebugView), click OK, then try to view the file again.

You can then use File -> Save As... in DebugView to save the messages to a text file. Please attach that to a reply or private message and I'll take a look at it.

The DebugView window should look something like this: (55.4 KB)

Thank you for looking into this issue!

I followed your directions and the attached log file is the result of using the Debug tool.

Kind regards,
Kevin (1022 Bytes)

Many thanks. Please do the same with these two test versions and let me know if they work + the logs using the same method as before.

It's possible that they'll fix the problem (test_3 is most likely to) but I'm not sure yet. I've added some extra debug output in the place where I think the failure is happening and I've also changed a few things which may fix the problem, but it's hard to be sure as the failure never happens with the viewer DLLs I'm testing against.

Let me know what you find. Thanks! (55.7 KB) (55.8 KB)

Your estimate was correct. Test3 worked!

Excellent. Thank you.

Thanks for testing it. Easier to fix than I thought it would be! :slight_smile:

I've submitted the fix to GPSoftware for inclusion in the next update. For now just keep using the test_3 version.