Multiview plugin not working (windows 7 x64)

Clean windows 7 x86 install + opus 32-bit + Oracle Outside In Viewer Technology 8.3.7 DLLs (Windows x86-32) = multiview plugin working correctly

Clean windows 7 x64 install + opus 64-bit + Oracle Outside In Viewer Technology 8.3.7 DLLs (Windows x86-64) = multiview plugin not working AT ALL


MultiView / PD-QVP Viewer

And here:

Plugins & Media Capabilities of Directory Opus

It says clearly that x64 is supported. Am I doing something wrong or is that information outdated?

Any ideas why could this be happening?

PS: I know I could use Quick View Plus but I don't really like that option.

Multiview is very much a legacy plugin, as it says on the page about it. I recommend one of the alternatives suggested at the bottom of that page unless you really have no other option.

Using QVP11 will give you identical viewers but packaged together in a more reliable component which is actually supported by its vendor (unlike getting the raw viewer DLLs direct from Oracle).

Which file formats do you need it for, out of interest?

Thanks for your answer leo.

The alternatives listed here are basically either installing Quick View Plus 11(+) or the corresponding programs for the files you want to preview such as Microsoft office suite (which I don't use).

I don't need a standalone viewer and I don't really like non-portable software. I was using those libraries with Total Commander for all kinds of files and they work beautifully (even the 64bit ones). They also seem to be working perfectly under Directory Opus 32bits so there must be a bug with MultiView plugin for 64bits.

Since you say using directly the libraries with MultiView is considered legacy, does that mean it's not going to be fixed?

About the file formats I want it for, as I said before a bit of everything, most often Office files though...but I don't have MS Office in my home computer because I prefer Google docs for light writing and LaTeX for serious things so...

Really, the way it works with Opus 32bits and MultiView would be perfect if it worked on 64bit :frowning:

It's unlikely to be fixed as it was never very reliable in the first place and we had to keep changing things for different versions of the DLLs, the DLLs require us to turn off a process-wide security feature which also can cause problems with multiple threads (due to the DLLs being poorly written and loading secondary DLLs via the current directory) and the DLLs are not easily obtainable via a properly licensed method anymore (and no longer bundled with many products that people already have installed, due to the insane price the various owners of them decided to start charging for bundling over the years).

(That and the viewers simply aren't very good compared to the alternatives these days, even when they do work.)

I see, that's a shame. Thanks for your clarification.
In any case MultiView 64 bit doesn't work even with the dlls provided by Quick View Plus (you need to use the Activex+Preview+... plugin), so, shouldn't the information in "MultiView / PD-QVP Viewer" and "Plugins & Media Capabilities of Directory Opus" be updated then to show that currently 64-bit is not supported?

I think someone got it to work with some version of the DLLs.

Some versions of the 32-bit DLLs did & didn't work as well, so it's the same deal. The main advice is not to use MultiView in the first place. :slight_smile:

I've edited the advice to be more strongly worded. :slight_smile: