Music folder thumbs


I prefer the square thumbs, why are some folders not using these thumbs, none of them have separate cover art images.

What type of files are in the folders?

mostly mp3s and some are flacs


This ID tag of an mp3 folder that is not showing as a nice cd cover,
could that be the problem ?

and this tag of one that has been converted to a cd cover. So that can't be the issue.

Please show us the folders.

If there's only one file in a folder then the folder won't automatically be considered a music album.

You can force a CD cover thumbnail to be used for a folder by naming the image inside the folder coverart.jpg instead of folder.jpg. (Or copying it so it has both names, since other software may still look for a folder.jpg.)

(I'm assuming there are folder.jpg files in both folders but they're hidden in the screenshots.)


Kate Perry folder

Kaus folder

Thankyou. Making a coverart.jpg works.

Any plans to update dopus so it looks for both folder.jpg & coverart.jpg ?

It already looks for both.

How would I go about automating a mass copy as ? there are 698 folders.

trying to 'find' all folder.jpg

results in nothing. Does it not check hidden files, even though they are showing.

It is probably finding the files, and then your settings are hiding them in the results, because (based on your screenshots) the folder.jpg files have the Hidden + System attributes set. The same as they were being hidden in your earlier screenshots.

okay thanks. I now have coverart.jpg in all folders and all thumbs are looking good :slight_smile: