Music Tag Album-Artist?

I have tagged my mp3 files in DO and saved all taggs in the file.
Now i have imported my files in the Helium Music Manager and have seen that the tag Album-Artist will be imported to "Band/Orchester" ??
The Support from Heloum says that helium used ID3v2.
Is the ID3 tags from helium differen?


Sounds like that is just their name for the Album Artist tag, but you'd have to ask them.

They say the same ???
Use DO Artist-Album Tag from ID3v2?

Yes, Opus uses the standard tag. Why not check with literally any other piece of music software to confirm. Mp3Tag or Foobar2000 or dbPowerAmp or Windows Media Player... they all see Album Artist tags written by Opus correctly.

The tag "Tags" it is an property that is not stored in the file?
It is only in DO Database?
I cant find anything about that in IDv2.

"Tags" is stored in the filesystem and not an IDv2 tag.

Is the Album Artist issue resolved now?

Album-Artist in DO and mp3TAGS will be write and show right.
I think there is problem of helium and will clear it with the support.


here is an cutout from the Helium support for artist album.

As I suspected, this file contains "Bravo hits" in the TPE2 field, which MP3Tag and Dopus use to present album artist.
This is wrong according to the standard, which defines TPE2 like this:
" TPE2
The 'Band/Orchestra/Accompaniment' frame is used for additional
information about the performers in the recording."

Helium writes album artist as a TXXX field which other applications also does, to not violate the ID3 standard.

It isn't just Opus and Mp3Tag. It's also every other tool I've every checked with. I'd be extremely surprised if the issue is with Opus.

I tag each of my thousands of files over years now and use different players, taggers etc. They all show tags correctly (which is of course important to me, because it's hard work over the time), so I assume, if one tool shows it wrong while xx tools doesn't...

There is no "Album Artist" tag in the ID3v2 spec. Windows Media Player, Explorer, iTunes, WinAmp and many other programs use TPE2 as "Album Artist", and so Opus does as well. If Helium doesn't then they're technically not wrong, but they're different from most other software.