MXF File Container Preview

I am hoping that there is a way to get the MXF file container to preview in Opus, is this possible?

I shoot video on Canon a XF100 and XF300 video camera and the native files are in the MXF file format, and it would be really helpful if i was able to have Opus generate thumbnails for the files, and also be able to be previewed within opus itself.

Is this possible?

Happy to pay for the ability to have this function.


New Zealand.

I'm not familiar with the file format, but if DirectShow splitters and codecs exist for it then they would enable Opus and Explorer to generate thumbnails, and Opus and Windows Media Player to play the videos. (You'll need 64-bit splitters/codecs if using the 64-bit version of Opus.)

Preview Handlers may exist for Explorer as an alternative, and they would also work in Opus, but I'd expect splitters/codecs to be more likely to have been written for a video format, rather than a custom Preview Handler.

VLC is reportedly able to play MXF files, so details of the format appear to be out there and allowing playback components to be written.

A web search for "MXF thumbnails" brought back some threads where people discuss some potential solutions, but I don't know if or how well they work. Anything that works in Explorer and WMP should work with Opus as well, though.

We also have a plugin API which would allow a custom viewer and/or thumbnail provider to be written for the format, should anyone want to. We can provide assistance, but probably won't have the resources to write it ourselves, unless there is increased demand.