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My courseware presentation on Dopus (inc. v10)

Hey guys,

Every year at my work, I run a two hour class on Directory Opus. Team Dopus was generous enough to allow me to train on the beta earlier in the year - and I updated my courseware presentation.

While it is SUPPOSED to be accompanied by a lecture, users new and old can still probably get something from it.

I've shared it on Google Docs so you don't have to have Powerpoint or anything other than a decent browser to check it out.

I hope someone finds it useful. ... JjZg&hl=en

Nice work!

I like the way it is structured. In re-writing my intro to Opus, I find it hard to know where to start so things aren't so familiar it looks like Opus is just Explorer, but not so alien that people have no handle on what the program is actually for.

Should we move this to the tutorials section so people can find it in the future? It seems a useful thing to click through, even without the accompanying narration & demos.

Feel free to move it wherever you like!

I DID record the first 20 minutes of so of the lecture ... Now I can share this too ... ... NzNj&hl=en

And for the benefit of anyone wanting to find it, please change the subject to "courseware". (Would not want to get it confused with curseware.)

I know that the correct spelling is in the message, but it will not work in a subject search.

Nice thing to have in the archive.

Fixed. Took me a while to realise where the error was. :slight_smile:

(I'm sure the hundreds of people who search the forum for 'courseware' every day will be overjoyed to finally get a result back! :smiley:)

I have editors' disease. Many years spent proofreading a weekly science magazine, with anywhere from 40 pages up, means that I often see these things without reading a word. I am terrible in restaurants.

Thanks for fixing it.