My long loved British Xmas song

The theme of this song is about Christian healing.

It definitely does have WWII overtones.
Sorry about that, but it has always been a favorite of mine.
It was part of Emerson Lake and Palmer's album 'Works Vol. 2' and was written by Greg Lake I think.
The original 70's album version is better in my opinion, but here is a video release by the artist in 2020.

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This is my favorite Scottish folk song for New Year's Eve.
It is very difficult to find a better 'Auld Lang Syne' than this authentic version on Jeanie Roy Collin's album 'Liminality'. I own the rare CD and I am very happy I bought it.

Many of the songs on the album have roots that date to England's civil war at least.
In America many Scottish folk songs survived among the most remote peoples in the Appalachian mountains passed on from generation to generation.

Then came the prohibition of alcohol ... and lawlessness, but that is a different story.