My Magnum Dopus - Custom theme, scripted buttons, default lister, QOL, +

Since a few (namely @khalidhosain) have shown interest in my DOPUS setup, which I have been painstakingly cultivating and improving for about 4 years now, I figured it was time to fix it up (mainly by changing any user paths to %USERPROFILE% or /profile, and such), add a couple nice new buttons and finally share my life's work.

Standout features:
Leo's awesome Recycle bin button, but as a menu - the button itself simply displays recycle bin status and opens the bin, the button in the menu actually empties it. This minor tweak on Leo's original suggested button in response to a user has saved my ass from at least a dozen misclicks since then.
Appdata menu - You will use this constantly.
</ > button - this button opens whatever directory is in the most recently active lister in Ubuntu, Powershell and CMD, and for Powershell and CMD you can choose between Admin or User. Probably my favorite button!
Fake Restart - I was hanging out with a coworker (C# programmers) on a holiday office party trip and I showed me my latest dopus button which was a complicated VBScript that killed every clutter-y app I could think of, because if you do even a tiny bit of code you know how quickly your system can build up a bunch of crap in the background from endless crashes/errors/you name it. When I told my coworker this he said "oh I just open a notepad file, write some crap in it, then try to reboot, windows will shut down everything un-essential and then you cancel it and you're good to go," I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT, I was agonizing over constantly adding new apps to this endless list and here this damn beautiful genius had come up with the perfect solution. Even when I have 10+ apps with unsaved work that won't close automatically it somehow ALWAYS fixes my annoying symptoms (such a mouse clicks not registering, windows not focusing, etc.) I recommend setting this on a shortcut. The relaunch apps button in the sub menu has to be tweaked to launch your faves, but I recommend keeping the conhost killing line in there if you don't have any super important hidden smd services running!

  • A fully customized to the nines theme that I have been slowly improving over the past 5 years.

That's enough of a sneak peek! This thing is tried/tested and true, the only way a config gets this good is if someone literally spends hours a week on it for years, I'm sure it won't be everyone's end-all, be-all.

"This is my dopus config, there are many like it, but this one is mine."
My Magnum Dopus.ocb (11.2 MB)


We're not really fans of sharing entire configs, as people who import them will have no idea what's in them and which settings have been changed from the defaults.

(People who export them also often don't know. Have you checked it for personal data?)

Some recent discussion on the subject: Using Backup/Restore Configuration to share configuration with own PC or others? - #4 by Leo

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I replied via email but I don't see it here, but yeah I removed any personal data as far as I could tell, I doily extract ocb and delete anything personal (since I've seen you state before it's just a zip file) I've been exporting and sharing my configs with people who want my setup for quite a while now, speaking of that, what do you guys think of me including dopus trial in a windows distro? I want to makd a custom distro hooked up with my whole toolset becsuse my Linux friends said they'd usd windows for gaming if I made a distro, dopus has to come standard even if it's just a trial.

Also pro af move moving my preview image/gif from reply in other thread to here, I was waiting for it to be approved to edit that in and bam there it was, love to see such good moderation.

Hey, you, this dopus config has scary custom settings such as do not ask for confirmation before overwriting files! Use at your own risk! Please take a cursory scroll through all of the settings before bugging support staff!

If you don't mind editing that ^ into the OP, Leo, not trying to make any programmers lives harder ever.

Original comment:
I actually just thought of something that backs up your point, to anyone who installs this, there is just one setting which is very much not "vanilla" dopus, I have "skip confirmation on overwrite" enabled, so overwrites don't ask permission, they just overwrite. Otherwise aside from showing directory sizes at all times, alt click to customize buttons, and disabling the "last week" type of categorization it's pretty stock.

Yeah, these 40 MB of file collections were rather boring and there was not much to see on the FTP servers, either. I guess you are good :wink:

afaik I removed the FTP's, did I leave one with a dead IP on there? lmao

I noticed that you cant read the recycle bin contents, swap this setting and youll be able to read it. I dont think I can make the background blue and font white however, big sad.

Not in the current version. It's quite difficult to convince shell folders to use different colors, although we have found a way recently...

Thank you so much Dear WillIV for share with us. I visit this site for this post last couple of days, and finally today I got it.

@Leo cmoon you can't leave me hanging like that!

I know from developing many a windows forms app it usually involves painting the object (usually custom colored progress bars in my case) and disabling visual styles just for that one object. I doubt it's anything like that since you already have the visual styles option in the settings.

I wish dopus was in c#, I'd work for free a few hrs a week just to be part of it tbh.

It's nothing like that. We aren't the ones painting that folder; Windows is. As I say, we've found a way to change it. It wasn't easy but we worked it out. It will be in a future version.

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