My search term won't stick

When searching for a file a 2nd time, the search term doesn't stick. Ex.: I have a directory with 800 files. I want to find the file that has "Dibble" in its name. DO does that just fine. I work on the file, then close it and move on to other tasks. An hour later I want to retrieve that file. In the search box I need to type in "Dibble" again. Is there a feature where the last several search terms I've used are available in a drop down list or something like that?

Thanks for your input.


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If you use Tools > Find Files instead of the Windows Search field, it'll remember previous search patterns.

Leo: Thank you -- that's what I was looking for! - GML

Another Suggestion
When you use 'Find Files', the results are saved in a Collection -- see 'File Collections' in the Folder Tree.
After you use 'Find Files' you don't need to remove results from the collection. As long as you have not moved the folders and/or files the you searched using 'Find Files' you can work with the files in the File Collections.

Leo: OK, I THOUGHT that that was what I was looking for. However, if I search using the terms, say "Rapp" and "POC," it returns some pdf files with "Rapp" in the name but not "POC" in the name. It's returning files without "POC" in the name because "POC" is in the text of the file. I'm looking for a search function that will only return character strings that are in the file name. Any thoughts? Thank you. GML

If you use the Find panel’s Advanced mode, you can specify multiple patterns which the filename has to match, which is one way to do that.