My Selection Doesn't Darken Slightly When I Cut and Paste

I don't know if this is a glitch or it's a setting that I have to change (although I couldn't find anything remotely resembling this). When I cut a file or folder, it doesn't darken slightly to indicate that it's "cut". When I press Control+X one or two more times, they do become shaded though. The annoying thing is that I don't know for sure if I really "cut" the file or not so I have to press Control+X several times each time I cut and paste something.

This detail might help in finding a solution. Even though the selection doesn't become shaded after I press Control+X, Directory Opus will still cut and paste them as long as I press Control+V in another folder. In other words, even though the selected file doesn't darken, Directory Opus will still move it to another folder when I press Control+X after selecting it and Control+V after clicking the target folder.

This sounds like a graphics glitch, right? Hopefully, you, guys can figure out what's going on.