Name_stem and name_stem_m

I have been experimenting with a short script which will compare files which differ only in their extension, where the extension may have multiple components - thus jhh.exe and jhh.exe.zzz should compare as equal. From the scripting reference, I had thought that the file_stem_m property would do it - however,it doesn't seem to. Here is a reduced function:

function MoveThem()
	dim flist, fil
	set flist=dopus.listers.lastactive.tabsleft(0).files
	for each fil in flist
		dopus.output( & " ---- " & fil.name_stem & " ---- " & fil.name_stem_m)
end function

The output for the two files concerned is:

 Jhh.exe ---- Jhh ---- Jhh
 Jhh.exe.zzz ---- Jhh.exe ---- Jhh.exe

which is fine for the first one, but I would have expected just "Jhh" (not "Jhh.exe") as the output from the name_stem_m property in the second case.

Apologies if this is a stupid mistake by me (it is my first post) or is this something that should be approached differently?

I am using dopus 12.16 (x64) if that helps.

Many thanks

"Multiple extensions" are only the ones that Opus (or a VFS plugin) recognise. e.g. RAR's multi-part extension format which is like x.rar.part1 or 7-Zip's x.7z.001.

Thus Installer_12.16.exe still has .exe as its extension regardless of whether you use ext or ext_m, since .16.exe isn't recognised as any kind of extension.

If you just want to split the filenames on the first . when there are multiple .s in the names, use one of the JScript or VBScript string functions for that.

Many thanks for the correction (and quick response) - I'll do as you suggest. John