Named filters to hide files in folder formats?

Is there a way to use one of the advanced filters to hide/show files? Instead of just path names?

Do you have an example? There should be a convenient way to achieve this.

Sure. We use a ton of Excel files at work. When one person opens it, it creates a hidden lock file. I usually like to see that so I know when someone else is out of the Excel file. BUt I'd like it filtered out if I'm the one who has it open.

My filter is if the filename is "'~$*" and the owner is me.

You can use advanced filters to show/hide files, but (unlike simple name/wildcard filters) only when triggered via commands (i.e. buttons, hotkeys, scripts, etc.).

The advanced filter would only change the visibility state of what was currently in the folder, based on the current status of the files. So when files are added, removed, or modified, the advanced filter would not be re-evaluated; it would have to be triggered again (e.g. but clicking its button again).

A script could apply advanced filters automatically when you load a folder, but probably would not work well for the example you mention, as the files will come and go after loading the folder.

Having advanced filters apply in real time, like simple name filters do, would be a potential performance issue. It can take several seconds to retrieve the Owner information, for example, so there could be a long delay when deciding whether or not to show a new or modified file.

An alternative would be to use a label filter which could highlight other people's like files in a color which stands out. Advanced filters can be used there since Opus processes them in the background and just has to change the file's colors (etc.) which it's not a problem to do after the file list has been displayed. (Versus things appearing and vanishing after it has been displayed, which would cause usability issues.)