Naming my "FIND" window

I've got a nifty button which says

Find {dlgstring|searchfor:} IN "M:" "Q:" QUIET SHWORESULTS=tab

I've also got autohotkey running, in order to make certain windows always be topmost.

Now when I trigger this FIND command, often times the find window sinks beneath other windows.
But when I try to make autohotkey bring this window foremost, the name of the window is "Directory Opus", which unfortunately makes other windows topmost that I don't want to affect.

Is there any way to change the name of that FIND window?
Or to make it topmost within DOpus?


Try this command instead.

Find {dlgstring|searchfor:} IN "M:" "Q:" QUIET SHOWRESULTS=source 

When I use this from the toolbar, the search input box stays on top.
But hen I use a hotkey to trigger that same command, the search input window still isn't topmost...

Changing from tab to source would really effect the initial searchbox which asks for my text?

Which window do you mean, the Find progress window?

the plain, hovering box that has nothing but an entry field for what I type.
The title of the window is "Directory Opus". I wish it said "Find" or something like that.

Okay, so we're talking about the window created by the {dlgstring} in the command.

If you tell AutoHotkey to restrict the search to ones which also use the Dialog window class ("#32770" but AutoHotkey probably has a shorthand for it as it's so common) then that might narrow things down to just the {dlgstring} window.

I'm not sure why you'd have other windows called "Directory Opus" open at the same time, so I'm not sure what AutoHotkey is matching by mistake, but hopefully those other windows aren't dialogs boxes.

If there are other dialog boxes with the same name, can you make AutoHotkey check for text within the window? e.g. your "searchfor:" string. (You can put a space in that if you want to, by the way.)

yeh using the string "searchfor" worked!