Native Linux version

I really like Directory Opus on Windows. But as im a lot more on linux now im really missing it. There isnt really a good replacement for this.
I tried a few others but sometimes Basic things like Copy from 1 network share to a other network share isnt working.
I have paid for the Windows one but would also pay again when its on Native Linux like a lot of users.

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Sorry for the dilemma your in mate. I was thinking of switching to Linux too after being severely frustrated with windows 10 but with Opus and AHK I am very happy.

Still there are allot of cool Cli file managers on Linux, they seem very capable on their own. Here is one in action.

While it looks nice. Its all command line for my purpose that is useless. Been using Dolphin which works. but i would like a Dopus more.

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Having it on Linux in the future would be great! CLI is extremely useless when you try to do things you don't know fast.