Navigate tabs using CTRL-TAB

Similar to several tab extensions in Firefox, you can navigate from one tab to the next using CTRL-TAB, ala Windows ALT-TAB window navigation.

The Tab Mix Plus extension will also show a small context window with the list of open tabs.

I currently navigate with CTRL+PG UP and +PG DN, ala MS Excel but 1)I have to have the 2 tabs I'm working on be right next to each other, and 2)I have to switch between UP and DOWN instead of quickly hitting the same CTRL-TAB keystroke.

hi there nate... I think the function you're after is: Go TABSELECT=prev

And if you REALLY want to assign the function to <CTRL+TAB> then have a look at this topic from Icfu. It's a nice trick to get around the fact that the Dopus command/hotkey editor will not let you assign the key as a hotkey. Though technically I'm sure it's not 'supported' by GPSoft... it seems to get the job done. I've attached a zipped up .dpf file that after extracting you should be able to double-click on in order to import it and be good to go.

Edit note: I do believe I'll keep this and use it myself... :slight_smile: (421 Bytes)

ARGH. I should have thought of that.

That's a good solution for 2 tabs, but I doubt it's possible to create a command to cycle through the open tabs...1, then 2, then 3, etc., in the order of last viewed. So to me, there should be more functionality around this. But it's a good solution at the moment.

I also followed the regedit process in that other post. the only concern is that the "key" is blank. The CTRL+TAB works but it's blank. I was worried that this wouldn't save to the EXPORT SETTINGS file but it worked fine.

EDIT: Oops, not true. I think I had some duplicate keys.

Hmm... one of the things I thought cool was that after importing that .DPF file, going back into Customize->Keys actually does show me Ctrl + Tab as the hotkey... Not sure if people running UNICODE version of Opus would see things differently though, does the Unicode version store reg data differently than Ansi for Prefs?

I just tried and the same registry setting works fine in the Unicode version.

You can swap between the ANSI and Unicode versions of Opus so I guess they're both able to read/convert each other's settings where there are differences between the versions. (I had to add similar logic to the TextThumbs plugin, too.)

thanks for the confirm Nudel.

hey nate... yeah, I don't think you're going to get full-blown 'Alt+Tab-ala-windows' type functionality without a feature request.