Navigation Lock

I really love the new Navigation Lock command. It makes my FTP'ing so much easier now!!

Now when I finally get the time to read that manual and learn all the commands, I can finally create a lister that when I click on it, I get a particular FTP site loaded up in dual panes with its corresponding local folder with Navigation Lock on and I'm rearing to go.

Thanks again for the continued development!

Hi Jeff,
I agree with you.

NavLock also helps me with my photo processing.
I have a directory called Photo Archive in which I categorize my original RAW images.
As time permits, I use PathDup to replicate segments of that directory structure in a directory called Photo Fix.
I then create a directory named after a particular RAW image I'm currently working on in Photo Fix.
For instance, PICT001.MRW becomes a Photo Fix directory named PICT001 in the replicated segment of directory structure.
I copy the RAW image to Photo Fix and then render a 'fixed' TIF image.
The TIF image is then renamed to date and time using EXIF information.
This rename is very useful for web sites.
EXIF renaming can now be done natively in DOpus with version 8.2 .

It's just wonderful to be able to navigate both Photo Archive and Photo Fix simultaneously,
as I can see what work I've done and find new pursuits at the same time .

:opusicon: porcupine