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Need a Button for rename file from parents folder Name


I have some Folder Name example:
Mr. Jhon
Mr. Robart
Mr. Khalid
Sujaul Haque

Every folder has some number of files with any name.
Now I Need a button. I want Select All Folder and Click the Button
All Folders in side file will be rename Like That
Mr. Jhon (1)
Mr. Jhon (2)
Mr. Jhon (3)

Mr. Robart (1)
Mr. Robart (2)
Mr. Robart (3)

Sujaul Haque (1)
Sujaul Haque (2)
Sujaul Haque (3)


Not quit what you are after. However if you are in the folder you can use the rename dialog to do this. This could be saved and then turned in to a button.



If you need to do files in multiple folders, you could turn on Flat View (or use Find Files) to get a list of them all, then use the Rename dialog as in wowbagger's post.

(A script could also do it without needing to turn on Flat View, but is more work to set up.)


it's a extra pain to flat view on and off. Please Leo give me the script to do same things. I just want to select target folders and click the button for done the job.


Dear Leo, I have To do the same things many different location many times, and flat view on/off every time is a extra pain for me. So If you Please Write a script + Button for this job will be so much easier to use All of Directory Opus Lover's & User. So Please Leo Write a script + Button for this job.


If you need a lot of very specific solutions then you need to learn how to make things yourself. We only have so much time.

We're happy to help if you get stuck, and will even often provide complete solutions to bespoke problems, but we can't guarantee an endless supply of them, so please don't demand it.


Is there any Learning source about writing script?


I find the w3schools JavaScript tutorial site very useful and refer to it on a regular basis in conjunction with the Scripting Reference in the DOpus Help. Press F1 then Reference then Scripting Reference.


Thanks for the Help


wowbagger I Use the Rename Dialog box as you shown, but problem is that the numbering sequence does not start form 1 in each of the folder. any solve?


Posting a screenshot of one that doesn't work will help us resolve it.


Here is the result when I follow wowbagger. Notice the number sequence continue for every folder. What I don't want.

Here is a Screenshot for the same folder what I want. Notice the number sequence start from (1) for every folder.


Is this what you need? I hadn't thought of it until now:


Looking at @Leo's post he mentioned that as of Dopus V12 this is supported out of the box. No script needed. :+1:


Rename with Metadata but using only parts of it

Thanks wowbagger. My all problem solved with your this screenshot. and This job done very nicely without any script.