Need better way to copy only files

brand new trial user... "Be gentle with me, it's my first

I need to copy a LARGE number of files (100,000+) from one
disk to another disk with an already-existing identical
folder hierarchy -- without copying over the folders

I've tried using synch with a one-time filter of
[only files]. Problems:

  1. Because each source file must be checked against the
    target disk during the Compare phase, it takes a VERY long
  2. When the Compare phase is done, the status line says
    "0/5,000 folders, 0/100,000 files selected", even though
    I wanted not to include folders.
  3. After Compare finished, I clicked on something
    innocuous -- I think it was "Content Type" -- and dopus
    immediately crashed, with no err msgs. I was nowhere
    near being maxed out on RAM.

Is there some way to have dopus just traverse the source
tree and copy files as it goes, without dopus having to
first enumerate and list all of them?


Hi nusrat,

Curious, do you actually need to do the compare or do you simply want to run the copy? Setup a small sample/test directory and give a custom filtered copy command a shot. Set up a button or drop menu action to do a Copy FILTER=filesonly and see if this works the way you want it to. If this DOES basically work how you'd like, there are various 'Copy' command options you can use in addition to the FILTER argument - see the online help for the 'Copy' command and let us know if you have any other questions.

Note- the FILTER=filesonly filter name is just an example, I'm assuming you might have already saved a filter with some name that is meaningful to run Type->Match->[Files Only].

You know, when I first posted, I had this nagging feeling,
"I just know there's something I'm forgetting"...

IF I'm going to generate the file-list in advance (which
I reeeeeallly don't want to do), then I have the problem
of: how do I use the list to copy the files, not as a
flat list ending up all in one target directory, but
rather ending up in their proper respective locations in
the target folder hierarchy?

But, as I said, what I really want to do is to have dopus
traverse the source directories and copy each file as it
encounters it.

As for your specific points...
--no, I don't need the compare, I was doing it because
dopus' built-in synch facility requires the compare step.
I'd like to dispense entirely with using synch.
-- "Set up a button or drop menu action..." Now you're
losing me. But if this is really needed, could you please
elaborate? I'd prefer to merely manually step through a
copy-command, but I can't figure out how to do it in a way
(a) allows me to say, "copy all files within the hierarchy
descending from path "c:\foo\bar", without using synch to
generate the file-list...and,
(b) ensures that I won't have the flattened-list-to-single-
target folder problem.

Hi there again nusrat,

I think I do indeed undersatnd what you're looking for... and it's actually the opposite result of what another user is looking to ahieve in this topic here where he DOES WANT everything in a flat common target directory; which is why he can't use what I'm proposing here.

So, first things first... in case you haven't already saved a filter along the specs mentioned before... an easy way to do so and test out if this will work for you is to enable the Settings->Copy Filter menu option. Once it's enabled, go ahead and try to copy something... anything small, and you will be presented with the File Filter dialog. Make sure to create the filter with one "rule/checkmark" and set it to Type->Match->[Files Only] and then click the blue floppy disk looking icon in the File Filter dialog to the left of the drop down box. This is where you will enter a name to save the filter. My 'button/command' based example from before assumed the name filesonly. Once you've clicked Save, you can escape out of the filter dialog... You could just as easily test this out without pre-saving a filter name, but I'm assuming this is something you'll use often and WANT a defined filter for... Now the filter is saved, go ahead and go to your desired 'Source' directory... drag and drop whatever files and sub-folders whose contents you want to copy to the equivilant parent folder level in your 'Destination' disk... the filter dialog will again appear, and from the drop down make sure your 'filesonly' filter is selected and hit OK... the copy will commence.

Take a look at the results and say if this is what you're looking for... though I suggest you just test this out against a sample folder structure rather than your big old 100,000 file working folder. If this works the way you want, we can show you how to either a) create a toolbar button you can click once you've selected the items you want to copy or b) create a context/drop menu action so that you can select the items you want to copy, RIGHT click and drag and drop them onto the 'destination' directory and then select this sort of copy routine from the drop menu that appears... Either of these ways will have the advantage of not requiring you to always toggle the Settings->Copy Filter menu option on and off in between these sorts of copy operations and 'normal' ones.

I'd hoped that preserving the target folders would fix a
problem I'd been having, by the mechanism wherein the
copied files assume certain meta-attributes which are
determined by the target folder.

As it turns out, this wasn't the explanation for my
problem -- but your help was useful regardless.

Please see the following new topic, regarding 8.3 names
and dragged-copying. ... umpost2911