Need explanation about zip file handling

Hi, i use DO in usb device and i don't understand how zip support work.

SOLVED - if i disable "activate opus zip file handling", zip function (button with zip command) don't work.
SOLVED - if i enable "activate opus zip file handling", zip function work but when i doubleclic on zip file, zip open in DO.
BUG - if i open preference and "activate opus zip file handling" enable, disable it and go to zip files/settings section, all options can be modified.
BUG - if i enable "Make Opus the system default handler for ZIP files" and clic OK to close preferences window. when i return to zip preferences, option are disabled.
REQUEST - zip context menu options are not possible in usb device ?

It looks like there's a small issue where turning off activate opus zip file handling disables the Integration page but not the Settings page (until you click OK or Apply). I've reported that.

I can't reproduce the other things you mention, though. (I haven't tried with USB mode yet.)

Continuing from the other thread, if you find that Opus still opens zip files when you double-click them within an Opus window, even though you've turned off the option to make it the default zip handler, then you probably just need to edit the Zip filetype.

The "Left double-click" event is probably set to Go and should be deleted if you want zips to open in something else.

The option to make Opus the default zip handler affects what happens when you double-click zip files outside of Opus.

Many thanks Nudel, the "Left double-click" event was set to Go.
but try this:

  • enable "Activate Opus ZIP file handling" and nothing to "Left double-click" and "Left double-click+shift"
  • now enable "Make Opus the system default handler for ZIP files", "Left double-click" set to "go" and "Left double-click+shift" set to "go new" automatically.
  • now disable "Make Opus the system default handler for ZIP files", "Left double-click" stay to "go" and "Left double-click+shift" stay to "go new"
    it's not possible to add something to restore previous "Left double-click" and "Left double-click+shift" settings ?

ZIP context menu options are not possible in usb device ?

Just delete them if you want the system-default settings. Everything on the Events tab is Opus-specific so the default is to have nothing defined in the Events tab, which would mean that double-click executes whatever is the default on the Actions tab, the same as Explorer would do. (In general. There's also the Open With stuff but that's not important here.)

As I understand it, if the context menu action is set to the "Run an Opus function" type then it will work from USB, because Opus stores it in the Opus XML configuration.

On the other hand, if the context menu is one of the types which works in both Explorer and Opus then it has to be stored in the registry and won't be included in a USB install.

Are we talking about context menu items you've added yourself, or the default two that you can tell Opus to add via Preferences?

I'm talking about that...

The bottom section is greyed-out because you haven't turned on auto-extract (the one checkbox in the bottom which isn't greyed out). That's normal.

It does look like the context menus aren't available on USB. I guess this is because they're stored in the registry, so they work outside of Opus, but you could send a feature request to GPSoft asking that they change this, at least in USB mode.

The Zip menus should work in USB mode now, in Opus