Need help about synchronization filter


No matter what I tried, I just don't understand how filter works because it has no effect here.

The case:

[li]source= D:\Mes Documents[/li]
[li]destination= S:\Mes Documents[/li][/ul]

I want to synchronize their content excluding:

[li]D:\Mes Documents\Téléchargement (the folder and its sub-folder)[/li]
[li]D:\Mes Documents\TomTom (the folder and its sub-folder)[/li]
[li]D:\Mes Documents\Sony (the folder and its sub-folder)[/li][/ul]

Options I need:

[li]synchronize sub-folders content ON[/li]
[li]delete files in destination that don't exist in source[/li][/ul]

Could you post a screenshot with working filter for this case.


:question: up :?:

Try that.

I already test theses settings without success.



Is it a bug!?

Please help

Seems like "SubDirectory*" not matches content of "SubDirectory".
My bad. :blush: :blush: :blush:

You're trying to match what look like partial paths using the Name clause, which doesn't make sense. The name of something will never contain a \ character.

Try the Location clause instead, to match on the parent path and not the filename.

The location/path won't match things like Sony* either, since no path will start with "Sony"; it'd have a drive letter or a UNC server on the front of it. You'd want *\Sony* or similar. Or probably *\Sony(|*) so that it matches things directly under the Sony directory as well as things under subdirectories of it

The How to filter items by location or sub-folder FAQ has more detailed examples and discussion. (Pay attention to the note about Sub-Folder clauses and synchronize, too. The third example in the FAQ is the best way to do it when using Find but will not work with Sync.)

Thanks a lot, it makes sense. This partially works for my case but this setting has some problems:

Any idea about how to exclude the empty sub-folders :question: :neutral_face:

I suspect that is unavoidable with the way the sync tool does filtering, but there might be a way...

What does your current filter look like?

Just one rule for testing, relative to the previous screenshot:

Location don't match *\Téléchargements(|\*) joker is ON

Weird that only empty sub-folders are selected to be synchronized.


Location don't match *\Téléchargement(|\*) joker is ON