Need Help In Opening Favorite Folder In the Orig Drive Tab

Hello all. OK, this one has me stumped. I'm using v 11.4.4 beta, and I make extensive use of the Tab bar. I have created Tabs for each drive/partition in my system. There are some folders that I tend to go to more often than others, so when I have clicked on a tab, say the tab that opens drive E:, and then I navigate to the folder called Photos, I make that folder a Favorite by clicking the Star, and selecting "Add to Favorites". So far, so good. My question is this: When I click on the star, and want to go to the Photos folder on E:, is there a way to make that selection switch to the E:\ tab, and then open the Photos folder?

In other words, if I have clicked on another tab, say G:, and then I click the star and select Photos, it just opens Photos on the G:\ tab, which in effect switches off the G:\ tab and makes it into an E:\ tab. Then when I'm done with the photos, I have to click the drive button, and select G drive again to get the tab back to the correct G:\ tab that it was to begin with.

So, is there a way to make the Favorites location auto switch to the correct tab, and then open the favorite folder I have chosen? I did a search, of course, but did not find any info about this issue.

Many thanks!!


Change your command to use Favorites SHOWICONS USEQUALKEYS NEWTAB=findexisting. That should work.

Thanks for your reply. However, where would I enter those settings? I looked in Preferences in the Favorites and Recent section and could not find a place to enter that command, and I tried to edit each favorite entry, and could not find anywhere to enter that command.

So, if you don't mind, would you walk me through where that command you gave me would be entered at? Many thanks, once again!!

Sorry, i have a heavily customized version of Opus, so i'm not 100% sure, but i suppose, that you have a "favorites" entry in your main menu at the top,
containing "add to favorites", "edit favorites", "favorites" & "smart favorites.

If you enter the customize mode (right click -> "customize"), in the favorites menu, you can find that "favorites" entry, which you can edit.

Or, you make a completely new button for your menu, containing that command (via -> customize -> new -> new button, etc.).

Using NEWTAB=findexisting would only switch to an existing tab if it was already showing the (exact) same folder as the favourite you had selected.

If you had tabs showing E:\ and E:\Cats, then selected E:\Dogs from your favourites list, it would open a new tab, since E:\Dogs is not open in any existing tabs.

I'm not sure that's actually what you want, is it?