Need Help Locking the position of my Drive Tool Bar in my custom layout

I am sorry if I am not addressing this message correctly, but as a new user, I do not know who to address this message to, so I selected a name from another posting that appears to be one of the developers.

Here is my question:

I have customized my toolbar with the commands I need and placed them in the desired order. I then created a Drive Toolbar which I placed BELOW the customized toolbar. I then saved the layout.

Now, whenever I open Opus Directory, the Drive Toolbar appears ABOVE the customized toolbar and I have to manually move it below.

How can I save the Layout so this does not recur?

I know the answer is simple, but t took me many hours to figure out how to create the layout I wanted to appear each time I opened Opus Directory and then save it, but I guess I am a bit frustrated at this point and want to complete the few remaining tasks as quickly as I can.

Settings > Toolbars > Set as Default Toolbar Set is probably what you need.

(Settings > Set as Default Lister also offers to do the same thing, as part of saving the more general default window setup.)

Thank you
Leo, this appears to have done the job.

I did not receive an eMail notification that a response to my post had been made. Have I overlooked something on this website?

I have activated my Pro version of Opus Directory.

It's optional, in your user preferences on the forum.

Thank you again, I made the change