Need help with DirChange Script

I try to make a small script for a Button that do something lihe this:

I am in a Directory (source) called:

And after I pressed button I want on the Destination that he goes to the Folder:

The problem for me is to take the name of the current directory in the Source (LEVEL_08_01) and crop the "LEVEL_" away from the name so i can use it to set the target directory in the destination.

How can I do text search/replace on a directory name?


You can't, at least not directly.

You can get the parent directory and so on but if you want to take the name and remove a prefix from it then you would have to use VBScript or similar.

You could write a VBScript which is passed the current directory, works out what the new directory should be, then tells Opus to change to there via dopusrt.exe. If that sounds useful but you don't know enough VBScript then shout and I'll help (time permitting!).