Need specific Rename preset

Hello. I need a Find And Replace preset with specific config. Please help. Thanks.


Save it with the settings you want and call the preset from a button. You can change the Find field, but I am afraid it cannot be empty.

Rename ADVANCED PRESET=todd PATTERN=something

Thanks Ixp. Shame I can't clear the FIND field, but not a big deal.

I have assigned a button and this is what the command looks like:

Rename ADVANCED PRESET="Invoices and Payments Files - Remove Supplier Name" PATTERN=""

But when I run it, I get an error:

19-Apr-2023 12:05 Parse error - script aborted
19-Apr-2023 12:06 Error at line 1, position 8
19-Apr-2023 12:06 Rename ADVANCED PRESET="Invoices and Payments Files - Remove...
19-Apr-2023 12:06 ^
19-Apr-2023 12:06 Expected ';' (0x800a03ec)
19-Apr-2023 12:06 Parse error - script aborted

It seems a ";" is missing, but where?


Set the button's Function to Standard:

Right you are. Sorry, I should have picked that up myself. Thanks for your help.