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Need to access results of two "finds" in File Collections

I searched documents for "Purchases", and the results appear in File Collections/Find Results.
Then I searched for "Amazon", and this search replaced the Purchases data in Find Results.
I need the results of the second search to appear in Find Results (number), like Find Result (1), so I can easily access both.

You can change the name of the results collection in the Find panel, just above the main Find button. Type any name you want there (e.g. "Find Reuslts(1)" or "Purchases").

If you do two Finds in parallel, with the same collection name, Opus automatically appends a number to one of the collection so they don't get in each others way, but not if you do one and then later do the other.

You can also go to the Collections folder and rename an existing results collection before running the next Find, if you want to keep or rename an old one rather than specify a unique name for it in advance. That's useful if you don't realise you want to keep it until later.